Sunday, February 3, 2013

30 Weeks Down!

I am now 30 weeks pregnant! I have been very silent this pregnancy. Not out of choice. There are so many times I have a great blog in mind or an update to share but then the reality of my life kicks in and I forget!

It's been quite a journey this pregnancy! Last pregnancy was EXTREMELY different! I was on bedrest from 24 weeks on with Isaac and stayed on bedrest until 35 weeks. I carried Isaac to full term and he has been so healthy and so happy!!

This time, I have attempted that but with Isaac being a baby, its been really tough to rest and take it easy. I have a terrible time asking for help so we are winging it and doing great! Craig has been more busy than ever so Trent and Macey have been my little life savers for sure! They are very eager to help and aware of when I need to rest. I am so thankful for them, so thankful! Some may say I take advantage of my kids help and I absolutely do! We are a family, we jump in and help when help is needed and I have no regrets for teaching my kids to come to the needs of others.

Baby is doing great! We are having a boy and are beyond thrilled! He is growing like a weed, just like all the others, measuring big, just like all the others have. We can't wait to meet him but will wait and enjoy this last 2 months preparing for him to join our family. Isaac points to my belly and says "baby" and then points to everything else and says "baby". He totally understands, ha!!

Have a great Sunday! Enjoy the Super Bowl!


  1. YAY!! Just a few more weeks and we're golden!!!

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